Lorikeets and the Upchuck Thing

June 13, 2013

BRI Thom here, still on assignment in Australia (they told me it was only going to be two weeks!), with a quick note.

Four lorikeets have been coming to our veranda the last few days. We give them apple slices – they make a big mess eating them up.

Here are two of them, surrounded by described mess:

They all look pretty much the same, but while two of them will grab apple right out of your hand (and sit in your lap to eat it, if you let them, as we’ve happily learned in the past), two of them seemed very shy and skittery.

Just found out why: one just started doing the upchuck feeding thing into the mouth of another one.

Two of those lorikeets, while as big as mom and pops, are babies!

P.S. Baby lorikeets sound like LOTR ringwraiths.

P.P.S To see a funny lorikeet video my Aussie buddy Hans took, go to our FaceBook page.