Seal Pup Jumps On Boat For Snuggles

June 6, 2013

This is unbelievable.

True related story: (BRI Thom here.) I was staying with friends on the Oregon Coast in the mid-1990s. They ran a bird and marine mammal rescue center, and lived right there on the property. One morning I was awoken to a shhhhhhhh-flop, shhhhhhhh-flop, shhhhhhhh-flop sound coming down the hallway. It kinda creeped me out as I groggily listened to it get closer and closer….and watched in shock as the baby seal my friends were nursing back to health came shlopping into the room – and jumped straight up onto my bed—as I exited from the other side.

That seal was just a baby – but they have sharp teeth! Watching this video I wish I had just stayed put. Darn it.