An Odd Holiday: Aunt and Uncle’s Day

July 26, 2013

Finally, a holiday just for Uncle John. And Mrs. Uncle John! Happy Aunt and Uncle’s Day!

You’re familiar with Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, and hardworking moms and dads certainly do deserve their holidays. There’s a National Grandparents Day (it’s in September, and not widely celebrated). And in 2001, President Bush declared June 4 “National Children’s Day.” (Although Uncle John’s mom always said “everyday is children’s day”…with a groan.)

But what about the people who don’t have kids of their own but positively worship their brothers’ and sisters’ kids? Where is the day of recognition for the loyal souls who send birthday cards with a $10 bill tucked inside and who “like” all of the niece and nephew baby pics on Facebook?

Aunt and Uncle’s DayAunt and Uncle’s Day is finally here. This still-unofficial holiday falls on the last Friday of July—right in the middle of family vacation road trips to visit relatives—and this year, that’s today. Oddly, very little information seems to exist on who came up with Aunt and Uncle’s Day. A petition on Facebook to make it an officially recognized holiday on par with Mother’s Day or Father’s Day has only around 100 likes as of press time. But even though Hallmark doesn’t sell Aunt and Uncle’s Day cards, and no retail chain is urging you to buy the perfect gift for your fun uncle or cool aunt, you can still make a phone call…or send a card with a $10 bill tucked inside.