Weird Invention: Dumb USB Gadgets

August 20, 2013

USB Gadgets Pet RockPet Rock: The item that became synonymous with the whimsical and gullible 1970s has returned! Only now, it’s high-tech. In the spirit of the original, it does nothing; plugging it into your computer’s USB port doesn’t even draw any power away.



USB Gadgets Squirming TentacleSquirming Tentacle: People will think an octopus or the fictional alien monster Cthulhu has taken control of your laptop when they see a moving tentacle coming out of a USB port. Unlike the Pet Rock, at least it moves.



USB Gadgets Shot GlassPower Hour Album Shot Glass: This 1GB external storage drive contains 60 on-minute drinking songs. It fits perfectly into an included shot glass, used to play a game where the user takes a shot after every song.


USB Gadgets Hot PlateHot Cookie Cup Warmer: Working hard will never again mean that your long-ignored cup of coffee will go cold. This miniature hot plate, which resembles an oversize Oreo cookie, plugs into your computer and keeps a mug warm while you’re focusing on a problem, attending a meeting, or trying to advance to the next level of World of Warcraft.


USB Gadgets FishquariumFishquarium: Containing enough room (or maybe not enough room) for a couple of goldfish, the Fishquarium plugs into your computer, which powers a low-voltage pump and filtration system while the sounds of nature soothe away stress. It also has a pencil holder.



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