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Three Canadian Inventions You Can’t Live Without!

September 13, 2013

How have you lived this long without poop paper? Here are three Canadian inventions you can’t live without. Are we right? Or are we right?

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Weird InventionsSnow Cone Snowstorm Mask. Invented in Montreal in 1939. Picture a transparent plastic cone—sort of like a small traffic cone—on your face (the point sticking straight out from your face), with a strap that goes around the back of your head to hold it on. This, the inventor believed, would protect your face during especially bad Quebec snowstorms.

Mechanical Skirt Lifter. Invented by a woman (name unknown), in Calgary in 1890, this device was meant to aid women who wore the big poofy skirts popular in the Victorian era. The device, which was made of metal, consisted of two clips on either end of a chain. One clip attached to the skirt’s waist, the other to the hem. When a woman had to cross a muddy road, or climb some steps, or found herself in some similar situation in which her skirt hem might become dirty or be in the way, she could pull the chain and put one of its links on a hook hear the waist, thus holding up the hem of her skirt.

Poop Paper. In 1997 primary school teacher Cyndi Foster of Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, and Evelyn David, a paper maker from Edmonton, Alberta, developed a way to make sheets of paper using scraps of recycled paper…and boiled muskox poop. Muskox poop, it turns out, is really good for making paper, because the muskox diet is so fibrous. “You couldn’t, for instance, use cow poop,” David told the Northern News Services, “because it doesn’t have the same woody fiber content as muskox poop.” Foster made her poop paper right in her classroom with her grade 4 and 5 kids. And they collected the muskox poop from the area’s wild muskox themselves. (They sold some sheets of their homemade poop paper, but mostly just used it themselves.)

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