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8 Household Uses for Vodka

October 6, 2013

It’s more than just the basis of a great martini! Vodka doesn’t have a lot more to it than grain alcohol (or potato alcohol). That makes it a great, cheap household cleaner, germ killer, wound healer…(NOTE: try these at your own risk.

  • household uses for vodkaFor your hair: Add an ounce or two to a mostly-full bottle of shampoo, and shake it to mix in. The vodka is effective at preventing oily buildup on the hair and scalp.
  • For removing goo. Have any hard surfaces where the price-tag or other sticker glue just will not go away no matter how much you scrape and peel? Saturate the price-tag residue with vodka. The alcohol will dissolve the adhesive.
  • For bandages. Vodka can also dissolve the extremely sticky adhesive on bandages. Simply soak a cotton ball in the spirit and apply liberally to the bandage, which will fall off and save you the agony of ripping it off. NOTE: Only do this if you’re sure the wound beneath is healed—the alcohol can kill all living cells in a wound, the germs and the germ-fighters.
  • For a better pie. Substitute a third of the water in pie crust recipes with vodka for a flakier result. This prevents the gluten, a protein found in flour, from making the crust rubbery and dry.
  • For weeds. Many gardeners use vodka as the basis of a chemical-free, environmentally-safe herbicide. Mix an ounce of vodka with two cups of water and a few drops of liquid dish detergent in a spray bottle, and spray.
  • For mildew and mold. The alcohol in vodka instantly kills household mold and mildew. It’s especially effective as a bathroom cleaner. Place pure vodka in a spray bottle, then spray the caulking around bathtubs and showers. No more gross mildew.
  • For longer-lasting razors. Fill a mug with vodka, and when you’re done shaving with a disposable razor, wash off the blade and let it soak in the mug. The alcohol both disinfects the safety razor blade and prevents rusting.
  • For vomit. While drinking too much vodka may cause vomiting, it can also, ironically, help remove vomit stains. Spray vodka on stained clothing or carpets, scrub with a brush, then blot it dry.
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