It’s Fact-or-Fake Friday!

November 14, 2013

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Introducing a new feature on Uncle John’s Blog. Each Friday, we’ll give you three bizarre news stories. Two of them are real; one we completely made up. Can you guess which one is the fake? Pick your answer at the end of the article and see if you are right.


Police are seeking assistance from the public in tracking down the parties responsible for the theft of nearly 200 sheep. They were stolen last week from a farm outside a village in southwestern England. Anyone who saw suspicious activity in the area, or who was offered sheep or wool “in unusual circumstances or for very low prices” to immediately call the police in the town of…Wool.



A 20-year-old engineering student in Massachusetts used a $1,500 3D printer and nearly $70 worth of plastic polymer to “print” a handgun from plans he downloaded from the file-sharing site The Pirate Bay. As Michael Lowery loaded the weapon (with bullets he purchased, not printed), he accidentally discharged it—into his own foot. “I feel pretty stupid,” he told a reporter after being released from Quincy Medical Center. “Honestly, I’ve never handled a gun before this.”



Last week “Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition” opened in Atlanta, promoted as an opportunity to go “back in time to April 1912, when the Titanic embarked on its maiden voyage.” The traveling exhibition included re-creations of rooms from the doomed ship, as well as hundreds of real artifacts recovered from the wreckage of the Titanic, including dishes, passengers’ clothing, and a porthole. Unfortunately, the exhibition had to temporarily close for a few days due to water damage in hall in Atlanta where it was being staged.


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