It’s Fact-or-Fake Friday! “Stuffing” Edition

November 22, 2013

FactOrFake Logo 1It’s Friday, and that means it’s time to try to fake you out. Two of three stories about stuff being stuffed where it shouldn’t be stuffed are real…and one we made up. Can you guess which one is the fake? Pick your answer at the end of the article and see if you’re right.



A 57-year-old Rite-Aid cashier from Bismarck, North Dakota, told her employer that her hearing had gotten so bad over the past 12 months that she needed special accommodations to do her job properly. Her boss balked, asked her to instead first see an ear doctor. She did, and that’s when it was discovered that she had a dead June beetle lodged in her ear canal. The bug was removed, her hearing was restored, and she returned to work.


Firefighters in Matheson Hammock, Florida, conducted a daring rescue this week on a baby raccoon that had its head stuck in a jar. A local TV news crew discovered the animal walking around with a jar on its head and became concerned when it sat atop a trash can and stopped moving. Miami Fire and Rescue came to the scene and extricated the animal, which then scampered away into the night.


Drexel University in Philadelphia is employing the use of a novel new doctor-training instrument: a robotic butt that helps train doctors on how to give prostate exams. The plastic butt, known as “Patrick,” is hooked up to a video screen, which shows a virtual male in a hospital gown bent over a desk. The robot has sensors, which register the pressure, and can alert the medical student if he or she pokes too hard. The experience is interactive, and also gives the student the opportunity to practice eye contact and communication skills.

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