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It’s Fact-or-Fake Friday!

December 6, 2013

FactOrFake Logo 1It’s Friday, so that means it’s time for your weekly fake-out. Here’s how it works: Two of the three following stories are true. And one of them we made up. Can you guess which one is the fake? Pick your answer at the end of the article and see if you’re right.


By any chance are you missing an Emmy Award? If so, you’ll want to get in contact with Ismael Cekic, of Brooklyn. Ismael found the statuette in the garbage outside his home, and although he didn’t recognize the figure at the time, he liked the look of it enough to dust it off and take it home. A few weeks later, only when Cekic was watching the Emmys on TV, had he realized what he had found in the trash. “Next thing you know I’m watching the Emmys and they show an Emmy award and I’m looking at my coffee table. I’m doing back takes. What the hell?” The golden trophy is believed to date to the 1950s, but the band what identifies the recipient is missing. Ismael is now on the hunt for the original owner’s family. “I would want this back in my family if I would have lost it. So, I’m thinking why would someone throw this out?”


The color scheme—mint and peach—was one thing. The ivory dress with the cap sleeves, that was a little uncanny. The floral arrangements—ranunculus and peonies, not exactly common—were a little bit too much. But when Sara-Beth Coen, a 27-year-old interior designer from Highland Park, Illinois, realized that an acquaintance had even hired the same band that had played her 2010 wedding, she decided things had gone too far. She decided to press charges. She first filed a report with the Lake County Sherriff’s Department, seeking charges of theft, and when she got no traction there, she followed up with the office of Michael Nerheim, State’s Attorney for the county. She still hasn’t gotten any legal office to pay attention to her “intellectual property” lawsuit.


A recent Yemeni wedding ended in tragedy, with two dead and two injured as a celebrant fired his AK-47 into the air as guests danced to Psy’s overplayed hit song “Gangnam Style.” A video from the event that’s been circulating on the web shows a man shooting the gun into the air in the southern Yemeni city of Taiz, and then starting to dance with other guests. Gunfire is heard, and when the camera moves down, several bloody bodies are seen on the ground. The music then stops as guests move in to help the victims.

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