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It’s Fact-or-Fake Friday!

December 27, 2013

FactOrFake Logo 1It’s Friday, and that means it’s time for your weekly fake-out. Here’s how it works: Two of the three following stories are true. One of them we made up. Can you guess which one is the fake? Pick your answer at the end of the article and see if you’re right.


A few weeks ago, some teenagers in Los Angeles found a mansion that was listed for sale…and used it to throw a raging party. The fete raged for 17 hours at the 9,000 square foot mansion, and caused an estimated $1 million worth of damage. (Value of house: $7 million.) The owners were away, but their stuff wasn’t. The teens, of which 16 were arrested, allegedly stole designer clothing, a suit of medieval armor, and a stuffed snow leopard reportedly worth $250,000.


Zackary Aders is lucky he brought his serenading equipment. His goal was to walk through Muskogee County, Oklahoma, to see a woman, but somehow along the way he got lost and fell into a pond. So for 24 hours, he wandered around in freezing temperatures, and when his clothing began to freeze, he took it off. Rescuers eventually found him in his underwear attempting to take shelter in his guitar case.


Timothy Sutton of Glendale, California, has used a prosthetic leg for nearly a decade, and he’s bought several feet to go along with it. He was recently looking for a new foot with better shock absorption for his hikes in Griffith Park, and turned to an eBay seller based in San Diego. When he tried to attach the foot, he discovered that he’d purchased a hollow shell with phony hardware attached. When the hardware was removed, he discovered inside the foot a half-pound of cocaine. “It was actually done pretty well,” Sutton told a reporter. “But I could tell there was something inside that thing.” California State Police are investigating.

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