Impossible Questions: Music

December 17, 2013

Impossible QuestionsYou’ll Never Guess the Answers To These Impossible Questions About Music!

Think you know everything there is to know? See if you can answer these brain-benders…and come back tomorrow to see if you’re right.


1. What do these hit albums have in common: Boston’s Don’t Look Back, Frank Sinatra’s Strangers in the Night, the Beatles’ Help!, Nat “King” Cole’s Unforgettable…and the Baha Men’s Who Let the Dogs Out?

2. What do these albums have in common: With the Beatles (The Beatles), Silver Side Up (Nickelback), and Seventh Star (Black Sabbath)

3. What do Warren Zevon, Roxy Music, Willie Nelson, the Moody Blues, Joe Cocker, and the Cars have in common?

Answers can be found HERE.

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