True ‘True Blood’ Blood (For Real!)

December 12, 2013

Scientists have created artificial blood. This is not a plot point from True Blood.

artificial bloodResearchers at Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj, Romania, spent months trying to develop an artificial human blood substitute. While this could be considered a medical miracle and a marvel of modern science, the best part about this is that Cluj is located in the Romanian region of…Transylvania.

The secret ingredient of their artificial blood? Hemerythrin, a protein extract commonly found in sea worms. The faux-blood also contains salts and water along with albumin and a few other proteins for good measure. While it’s not even red (because it doesn’t contain hemoglobin), the stuff could one day help save countless lives.

The scientists are quick to point out that their current formula can’t completely replace blood. Instead, it encourages the regeneration of actual blood, which is just as good. Early tests involving lab mice have proven successful and they hope to begin human trials in another year or two.

If this wasn’t weird enough, they also theorize that the formula could be developed into an instant powder form that won’t require refrigeration. It would be usable at room temperature and might even be able to be stored without an expiration date. This version could be perfect for emergency workers or military medics that perform transfusions outside of hospitals. All they would need to do is add water to a pack of “Insta-Blood” (and maybe double check the label to make sure they’ve selected the one with the correct blood type).

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