Impossible Questions: Sports Similarities Edition (Answers)

February 13, 2014

Have you got the answer “pinned down”? Read on.

What odd distinction is shared by baseball players Pete Rose and Bob Uecker, and football great William “The Refrigerator” Perry?

All three guys are very famous professional athletes, and all are enshrined in a hall of fame…just not in the one for the sport that they played professionally for years.

  • Pete Rose received a lifetime ban from baseball in 1989; despite amassing more than 4,000 hits, he is permanently unable to enter the Hall of Fame due to a series of gambling charges.
  • William “The Refrigerator” Perry is best known as a 6’2”, 335-pound defensive tackle who helped the Chicago Bears win a Super Bowl in 1986, at the end of his rookie season. He’s not in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
  • Bob Uecker is the longtime self-effacing play-by-play announcer for the Milwaukee Brewers. He played for six seasons in the 1960s with a woeful .200 batting average. He’s certainly not in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

But Rose, Perry, and Uecker are all members of the World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Fame. The WWE, formerly the WWF, is primarily entertainment (this is a nice way of saying its widely acknowledged to be staged competitions), and it lives up to that by inducting to its hall of fame, in addition to its own wrestlers and pre-WWF greats, the occasional celebrity with a tenuous connection to wrestling. Rose was inducted in 2004, having made brief appearances at three WWE wrestling events. Perry was honored in 2006 for his sole appearance at an event in the 1980s. Uecker was a ring announcer for two WWE shows. Another notable non-wrestler in the WWE: Donald Trump. Why? Because WrestleMania IV and Wrestlemania V were held at his Trump Plaza in Atlantic City.

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