Fake-or-Fact Friday: The “Yellow King” Edition

March 7, 2014

Two of these news stories are real. One isn’t. Can you tell which? “Urine” luck, because the answer is at the end.


An angry customer is suing McDonald’s after allegedly being served a cup of urine, instead of coffee. 45-year-old Randolph Bradshaw said he was a regular visitor at a Daytona, Florida, McDonald’s, but one day after getting in an argument with a manager over an error in his order, the regular black coffee he ordered with his daily Egg McMuffin was “off.” According to court filings, “Mr. Bradshaw immediately noticed a foul aroma from his cup, and when he confronted the manager, he was met only with a scowl and the response, ‘We thought that was just how you liked it.’” Bradshaw is seeking $10 million in damages.


Police in Gainesville, Florida, are stepping up patrols on the campus of the University of Florida in response to a man who has allegedly been sneaking up behind people…and peeing on them. The suspect, a six-foot tall man estimated to be age 25 to 30, has struck during various times of day, including one recent urination around noon, and several around 3 a.m. The victims reported they had been standing with their backs to the man when they felt something “warm and wet” coming down upon them.


A Texas woman was charged with harassment of a public servant and resisting arrest after she allegedly urinated on a police officer. The incident took place as police were doing a property check when they saw a man holding a shotgun and arguing with another man near a parked car. 21-year old Kendra Harrison was in the car, and when police told her to exit the vehicle, she refused. It was as a police officer was attempting to arrest her that she began urinating on him. The officer asked if she meant to do it, and the police claim she said, “It sure was.”

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Matthew Sullivan
Matthew Sullivan
March 7, 2014 11:08 am

I don’t think McDonalds will be too happy with this quiz. This is how rumors start.

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