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3 Environmentally-Friendly Toilets

June 2, 2014

These eco-potties come with Mother Nature’s stamp of approval.

The Loveable Loo

CThe Loveable Looompost toilets typically require no water, and it’s possible to build your own at home. However, this basic model comes pre-assembled. It consists of a toilet seat attached to a box and a few buckets (more or less). Needless to say, the instructions are pretty simple. Just place one of the buckets in the box and, after each use, cover the poop with some sawdust. Then, once the bucket is full, simply swap it out for an empty one and dump the contents in a separate outdoor compost heap Believe it or not, the Loveable Loo has appeared on television twice. Larry the Cable Guy investigated the potty on Only in America, and it also popped up as a viable treehouse toilet on a recent episode of Animal Planet’s Treehouse Masters.

The Phoenix Composting Toilet

If the Loveable Loo seems a little too much like an indoor outhouse for your tastes, you could always try one of Advanced Composting System’s fancier models, like the Phoenix. It can now be found in various campsites and national parks around the country, but they’re available for homeowners, too. Their residential models feature a sophisticated network that can deposit waste from multiple toilets into a storage tank. (There’s also a ventilation system that cuts down on potential stinkiness.) While the company’s residential models are allegedly odorless and can handle the poop of eight “full time users,” they don’t come cheap ($3,000 to $5,000) and they require electricity.

The Sun-Mar Excel

The Sun-Mar Excel“King of All Compost Potties” might be an appropriate nickname for this luxury toilet. It can turn the poop of a family of five into useful compost and look good while doing it. The odorless toilet comes painted white or “bone.” The Excel is also the first ever self-contained composting toilet to be certified by the National Sanitation Foundation. But how much does it cost? A cool $1,850.

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