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FREE: Facts to Go History Makers

June 12, 2014

Uncle John's Facts to Go History MakersHave you checked out our eBook minis yet? Now is your chance to get one for free. From now until the end of June, we are giving away a FREE copy of Uncle John’s Facts to Go History Makers. Head over to your favorite eBook retailer and download your free copy!

Uncle John’s Facts to Go History Makers

Uncle John takes readers on a journey through the ages, shedding new light onto some of the past’s most famous (and infamous) figures, and digging up obscure history you’d never learn in school. Featuring classic BRI articles along with some great all-new material, History Makers travels from the Far East to the Old West, from ancient times to the recent past, debunking myths and exposing the truth along the way.

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October 9, 2015 12:42 am

Hey Uncle John! Just wanted to share this with you and my fellow readers: When we were kids, we played Truth or Dare and my dare was to kiss a boy in the outhouse…that boy later became my husband, we have known one another for 38 years now and I have presented Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader to my husband for his birthday for quite a few years now and we love them! We can never get enough…can’t wait for the next one! Keep on flushin’!

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