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4 Odd Camping Gadgets

June 19, 2014

It used to be that all you needed to go camping was a tent and a sleeping bag. How could you possibly live without the following doohickeys?

BioLite Camp StoveYou’re going to have a campfire going anyway, so you might as well efficiently use the heat and energy produced by the fire for more than just keeping warm after dark. The BioLite stove burns any kind of “biomass”—wood scraps, brush, pinecones, even mulch. It produces an open fire…and also converts the energy produced into electricity. In other words, you can use a fire to charge up your iPhone.

Wrap StoveCamping over an open flame produces a tasty meal, and so does cooking on a propane camp stove. The problem with the former is that fires can be hard to get going and a stiff wind can knock them out; the problem with the latter is that they’re bulky to pack. And then there’s the Wrapstove. It’s an induction-cooking sleeve—looking like a towel, it wraps around a pot, stays put with magnets, and slowly heats up the food in the pot.

Using an old-fashioned percolator remains the method of choice for making camp coffee, although propane-powered Mr. Coffee-style coffeemakers are now available. There’s also Flip-N-Drip. In this compact cylinder is a carafe: fill it with water and boil, attach the coffee-filled plastic filter, screw the mug on to the top, seal it up, flip it over…and in about 10 minutes, the water will filter steaming hot coffee right into the mug.

Sexy Hottness Sleeping BagPerhaps the worst part about camping is the morning—getting out of your cozy sleeping bag and exposing yourself to the cold morning air. It’s not a problem with “The Sexy Hotness Sleeping Bag”—it’s a form-fitting sleeping bag, but the part where one’s legs go is split into two, separate compartments for each leg. It’s a sleeping bag you can walk in.

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