3 of the World’s Most Expensive Toilets

July 21, 2014

These pricey potties definitely deserve to be called thrones.

The Metro Urban Toilet

Stainless Steel ToiletThis commode isn’t the most sophisticated model on the market but it’s one of the toughest toilets in the world. It’s made out of stainless steel, which means it can handle not just the unfortunate consequences of a late night binge at Taco Bell, but (probably) a missile strike too. The MUT is also easy to clean and rather sanitary. Instead of a conventional knob, it flushes with the push of a button. The average model runs a cool $3,300.

The Dagobert Wooden Toilet Throne

Dagobert Wooden Toilet ThroneBack in the 7th century, King Dagobert ruled over a sizable chunk of western Europe. These days, however, he’s best known, in France at least, as a character in “Le Bon Roi Dagobert,” a silly children’s song about the time he showed up at an important council meeting with his pants on inside-out. In tribute, the French housewares company Herbeau designed a princely potty in his honor. The Dagobert Wooden Toilet Throne is comprised of wood and porcelain and looks like something that belongs in a museum. When the commode’s lid is lifted, a hidden music box plays the song. There’s also a place to put a candle and a cup (or goblet) holder in the armrest. Even weirder, when a user pulls its old-fashioned chain to flush, a bell rings. Why? As the description on Herbeau’s website explains: “It lets everyone know that all is well in the kingdom.” Price: a king’s ransom of almost $14,000.

The Hang Fung Gold Toilet

Hang Fung Gold ToiletThe Hang Fung Gold Technology Group built this luxurious toilet in 2001 and later added it to their Hong Kong showroom—it’s made out of solid, 24-carat gold. The designer, jeweler Lam Sai-wing, told the press that he was inspired by a famous quote from Vladimir Lenin, who once said that the best thing to do with gold was to “turn every bit of it into public restrooms.” The $5 million commode is part of an ornate bathroom display…that’s also made out of gold. In case you were wondering, the toilet is operational but, as far as we know, it’s never been used. The showroom’s visitors can have their photos taken on it but they have to wear plastic covers over their shoes. If you’re interested in buying the toilet, the company may be willing to sell it. Due to the increasing value of gold in recent years, they’ve been steadily selling off the fancy showroom bathroom, piece by piece.