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The Giant Duck Has Gone Belly Up

July 29, 2014

Unfortunate news from the world of gigantic rubber duckies.

Missing Rubber DuckyOccasionally over the past year, Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader has been your “number one news source” (see what we did there?) for updates on the five-story-high rubber duck that’s been traveling the world’s waterways and showing up in the harbors of major cities unexpectedly. As our mascot is also a cheerful rubber duck, this is something we can really get behind.

Designed by Dutch artist Florentin Hofman, the 54-foot-fowl (official name: Rubber Duck) was created as a way to spread happiness and cheer—and that’s all. Since early 2013, the duck has visited Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, Brazil, and the Netherlands, among its many stops.

Earlier this summer, Rubber Duck stopped in China at a port along the Nanming River. Unfortunately, the river was overfull, having experienced unseasonably heavy rains. The river reached flood levels, creating enough force and water to wash away one of Hoffman’s one-ton ducks, which had been fastened to a 10-ton metal platform with steel wires. On July 16, at about 7 p.m. local time, just after a big rainstorm, Rubber Duck disappeared.

If you’re out at sea and spot a 54-foot-tall rubber duck who looks like it’s had a bad couple of weeks, let us know. Meanwhile, enjoy our Pinterest board dedicated to all kinds of duckies!

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Like a lot of other things, it will either end up in the trash cyclone in the middle of the ocean or wash up on either Hawaii or the US Wes Coast eventually. Could be a future story to watch for. Surprised you guys don’t sponsor one of these.

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