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Impossible Questions: They’re Not Booing, They’re Saying “Bruuuuuuce” (The Answer)

July 17, 2014

Think you’ve got the answer? Keep reading to see if you nailed it.

What bizarre superlative can be applied to the entirety of the film career of former Olympic athlete and current reality TV star Bruce Jenner?

Maybe they are “booing” poor Bruce.

Apart from some made-for-TV movies in the early 1980s and filling in for Erik Estrada during a contract dispute on CHiPs, Bruce Jenner appeared in just two movies that were released in movie theaters. Both of them were critically drubbed…so much so that both of Jenner’s films won the Razzie Award for Worst Picture.

In 1976, Jenner became hugely famous for winning the decathlon at the Summer Olympics, an event that been dominated by the Soviet Union for years. Jenner earned the title of “world’s greatest athlete,” appeared on a Wheaties box, and met President Ford. He was one of the most admired young men in America. He capitalized on that fame by dabbling in acting. He reportedly auditioned for the lead role in Superman, and took a part in the 1980 film Can’t Stop the Music. It was a musical—a disco musical—starring Steve Guttenberg and…the Village People. The film was a failure and it was so bad that after publicist John J.B. Wilson saw it on a double bill with another musical, Xanadu, he was inspired to start the Golden Raspberry Awards, or Razzies, to annually “honor” terrible movies. Can’t Stop won Worst Picture; Jenner was nominated for Worst Actor (he lost to Neil Diamond in The Jazz Singer).

Jenner returned to public consciousness in 2005 as part of the cast of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, a show on E! that followed around his wife, Kris, and her daughters from her marriage to attorney Robert Kardashian (who helped win O.J. Simpson an acquittal for murder). Once again, Jenner turned his fame into a movie role, appearing in Adam Sandler’s 2010 comedy Jack and Jill in a cameo appearance as himself, as an actor in a play. In 2011, Jack and Jill, in which Sandler played identical twins, one male and one female, won the Razzie for Worst Picture.

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