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Killer Commodes: 4 Fictional Characters Who Died On the Toilet

July 2, 2014

Elvis passed away on a potty 37 years ago this summer. Since then, many fictional heroes and villains have shuffled off this mortal coil in a similar fashion. (WARNING: Don’t read this post if you don’t want to have the season finale of a certain HBO fantasy series spoiled.)

Vincent Vega

Director Quentin Tarantino provided John Travolta with one of his many career comebacks (and a Best Actor nomination at the Oscars) in 1994 with Pulp Fiction. In the film, several characters run into trouble while visiting restrooms, but only Vincent Vega (Travolta) doesn’t survive his pit stop. Vega is slaughtered while exiting a bathroom (where he was also reading, we’re happy to add) after absentmindedly leaving his gun on a kitchen counter.

Philip Hardin

ghouliesThe four Ghoulies films from the ‘80s and ‘90s are considered knockoffs of the far more successful Gremlins franchise. While they’re mostly forgotten now, lots of people remember the first film’s poster, which features a nasty monster popping out of a toilet and the clever tagline, “They’ll Get You in the End!” Originally, Ghoulies didn’t actually include such a scene but the producers thought the poster was so marketable that they quickly filmed a brief “monster in a potty” shot and stuck it in at the last minute. The sequel, however, includes a far more elaborate scene involving an evil businessman named Philip Hardin (J. Downing). He gets ripped to shreds by one of the monsters while using a public restroom.

Donald Gennaro

Lots of people get killed in Steven Spielberg’s 1993 blockbuster film adaptation of Jurassic Park, but only one of them features a toilet. Right after a hungry Tyrannosaurus Rex escapes from its pen, cowardly lawyer Donald Gennaro (Martin Ferrero) tries to escape its growling tummy. He ducks into a outhouse, but it’s not strong enough to hold back the dino, who knocks down the walls before turning him into a quick meal. Here’s the scene…recreated in Lego!

Somebody on Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones just wrapped up its fourth season on HBO. The show, based on the novels by George RR Martin, is well known for killing off its characters, often in the most gruesome ways imaginable. One of its latest fatalities involves Tywin Lannister (Charles Dance), the vicious patriarch responsible for much of the mayhem that has befallen the Seven Kingdoms. In the season finale, Tywin’s son Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) hunts him down while he’s, you guessed it, going to the bathroom. Furious over his father’s diabolical schemes, which included falsely accusing him of murder, Tyrion plugs him full of arrows fired from a crossbow.

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