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How Much Do You Love Your Baby?

July 16, 2014

Enough that you’d eat sausage made from their poop?

Baby Poop SausageSausage isn’t the healthiest of foods. Pork and beef sausages in particularly are often made from the fattiest parts of the animal, and they’re loaded with saturated fat. What if food scientists could create a sausage that was a little bit better for you, in spite of all that fat? They have, except they may have missed the point a little. Researchers in Spain have concocted sausage laden with digestion-friendly probiotics—probiotics harvested from the poop of babies.

Generally speaking, a baby’s digestive tract is clean and healthy, not yet burdened by years of use and poor dietary habits. Scientists at the Institute of Food and Agricultural Research in Catalonia found that microbes in infant poop (who knows what made them think to look in infant poop) contained large amounts of two different probiotics that are almost nonexistent in adult poop.

Sausage is cured with bacteria naturally present in the animal flesh being used, so the scientists took the baby poop bacteria (harvested from 43 babies no older than six months old) and used that as the fermenting agent instead. Result: baby-poop sausage.

Team member Anna Jofré told the media that their sausage is good news for the lactose intolerant—dairy products are a primary source of probiotics, particularly yogurt. “Probiotic fermented sausages will give an opportunity to consumers who don’t take dairy products the possibility to include probiotic foods to their diet.”

Jofré also reassured a reporter that the sausages “tasted very good.”

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