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It’s the Must-See-TV Filler Quiz!

July 1, 2014

Must See TV QuizIn the late ‘90s and early ‘00s, NBC’s “Must See TV” Thursday night lineup dominated the ratings with hits like Friends, Seinfeld, and Frasier. But can you name the other, less-heralded, mostly short-lived sitcoms that aired between those hit shows?

  1. A young man in his 30s (Jonathan Silverman) hangs out with his friends in New York, trying to find love.
  2. A young Southern woman (Hedy Burress) goes away to college, only to have her weird brother (Anthony Clark) follow her there, to keep an eye on her.
  3. A flaky writer (Brooke Shields) navigates her newly single life in San Francisco and the politics of a job at a magazine.
  4. Two blue-collar female friends (Jessica Lundy, Cynthia Stevenson) live and work in suburban Pittsburgh.
  5. A grumpy newspaper columnist (Dabney Coleman) is ordered by his employer to soften up and modernize his views, with the help of his daughter (Cynthia Gibb).
  6. A cartoonist (Lea Thompson) hangs out with her friends in New York, trying to find love.
  7. A prize-winning photographer (Téa Leoni) tries to put her life back together after a divorce by getting a job at a sleazy tabloid.
  8. A single mom (Christina Applegate) hangs out with her friends in Buffalo, trying to find love.
  9. A motley crew of young, wacky characters spend time in a Manhattan coffeehouse.
  10. A quirky novelist (Tony Shalhoub) butts heads with his neurotic editor (Neil Patrick Harris)
  11. A self-absorbed executive (Sharon Lawrence) and her sarcastic assistant (Leah Remini) both get fired and become business partners.
  12. A jerk (Steven Weber) is cursed by his ex-girlfriend, leaving his life a never-ending string of bad luck.




1. The Single Guy (1995-97)

2. Boston Common (1996-97)

3. Suddenly Susan (1996-2000)

4. Hope and Gloria (1995-96)

5. Madman of the People (1994-95)

6. Caroline in the City (1995-99)

7. The Naked Truth (1996-98)

8. Jesse (1998-2000)

9. Union Square (1997-98)

10. Stark Raving Mad (1999-2000)

11. Fired Up (1997-98)

12. Cursed (2000-01)

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