The World’s Weirdest Candles

July 30, 2014

Because why would you want your house to smell like lilacs or fresh basked cookies? Here are a few weird candles.

Man Cave CandlesMan Cave Candles produces “candles for men,” packaging them not in glass jars with labels written in cursive, but in metal cans with big block letters. Among their bestsellers are 21 Gun Salute (gunpowder), Fill ’er Up! (gasoline), Home Cookin’ (roast beef and caramelized onions), and New Wheels (new car smell).

weird candlesThe smells on Flick Candles aren’t necessarily weird, but the names are certainly evocative (if not a little depressing). The one that smells like vanilla cake: “Freshman 15 Poundcake.” The Christmas tree candle? That’s “Grandma’s Last Christmas.” Baby powder is “Surprise Baby Powder.” Other names include “Smells Like a College Rejection Letter,” “Restraining Order Ocean Breeze,” and “Freshly Signed Divorce Papers.”

weird candlesCandle maker Hotwicks has a unique signature product: The Urinal Cake Candle. Okay, it doesn’t smell like pee, nor does it smell like any old urinal cake (not that we’ve ever gotten our noses close enough to sniff). The company founder claims he once smelled a urinal cake he really liked, and wanted to preserve the scent forever in candle form.

weird candlesYankee Candle is the most recognized name in scented candles, but even they’ve gotten in on the weird candle game. They now produce interesting scents such as “2×4” (wood shavings), “First Down” (cut grass), “Movie Night” (popcorn)…and “Schnitzel With Noodles.” Fortunately, “Whiskers on Kittens” is primarily sandlewood and vanilla musk; it’s not made with, or supposed to smell like, real kittens.

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