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The World’s Worst Star Wars Exhibit

July 21, 2014

The Star Wars saga has spawned comic books, video games, toys…and a terrible exhibition in Leipzig.

Star Wars LeipzigUntil recently, the German city was hosting “Space Expo” at its old fairgrounds. Instead of offering visitors interactive kiosks or props from the films, the touring exhibit consists of a series of halfhearted displays put together by a group of people that likely know next to nothing about Star Wars.

In addition to old mannequins dressed in costumes that sort of look like the ones Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford wore in the original trilogy, there’s what appears to be a very old teddy bear riding a dirt bike. Our best guess? That’s supposed to be an Ewok. Another display features a large Millennium Falcon model perched beside a sagging NASA spacesuit.

Elsewhere, a disembodied Chewbacca head rests on a table. The poor Wookie’s cranium looks a bit more like Cousin Itt from The Addams Family. The exhibit’s R2D2 receives the poorest treatment and looks like it was literally built out of a trashcan. The exhibit’s Princess Leia is a bit more presentable. Her mannequin can be seen lounging in the character’s iconic metal bikini from Return of the Jedi.

Space Expo’s press materials claim that it offers “interesting and fascinating facts for both old and young,” in addition to “laser sword workshops.” The admission fee runs  €10 (about $13.50). As strange as it might sound, the exhibit is apparently successful enough to warrant touring. It previously set up shop in Wolfsburg and a few other German cities. Photos of the exhibit appeared on a German blog a few weeks ago and they quickly went viral. After receiving tons of backlash and ridicule online, the curators decided to close up shop

There’s also the possibility that the expo is heading to your town next.

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