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The 4 Boldest Celebrity Roasts

August 12, 2014

No Dean Martin making jokes about Sammy Davis Jr., being short here—just famous people who loved coffee so much they started their own coffee companies.

David Lynch Celebrity CoffeeLynch created the 1990s mystery series Twin Peaks, on which Agent Cooper (Kyle McLachlan) famously said that the Lamplighter Inn served “a damn fine cup of coffee” which he took “black as midnight on a moonless night.” Now fans of Twin Peaks and Lynch can recreate the experience at home. Lynch is such a coffee aficionado—and was so concerned about the economics and politics behind the coffee industry—that he created his own roast. David Lynch Signature Cup is all organic, available in House Blend, Espresso Roast, and Decaf House Blend, and he personally tested the varieties of coffee that went into them.

Kiss CoffeehouseKISS is probably the most merchandised band of all time. In addition to the usual items like T-shirts, the band has put its name and image on everything from coffins to action figures to a coffeehouse (the KISS Coffeehouse in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, which operated from 2006 to 2013). Since you can no longer buy a Rockuccino (really), you’ll have to settle for bags of ground KISS Coffeehouse coffee. One flavor: the “Beth Blend,” a mild breakfast blend, named after the band’s hit 1978 ballad, “Beth.”

Dave Mustaine Celebrity CoffeeDave Mustaine fronts the long-running heavy metal band Megadeth, while his wife, Pam, runs a company called Net Worth Coffee brokers. Until 2009, they together marketed Dave Mustaine coffee. The coffee is, like the music of Megadeth, dark and bitter, and was available in varieties such as Dave Mustaine’s Peruvian Blend, Dave Mustaine’s Black Gold Blend…and decaf.

Actor Patrick Dempsey knows something about comebacks. After starring in a string of successful teen comedies in the 1980s, he dropped out of the spotlight, only to return in 2005 as the star of the smash hit TV drama Grey’s Anatomy. He doesn’t have his coffee line, but he’s got something a bit bigger. In October 2012, West Coast coffee chain Tully’s Coffee filed for bankruptcy, threatening the closure of 48 locations. Dempsey, along with his investor group, stepped in and brought Tully’s back for the price of $9.1 million.

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