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The Seattle Mariners Win the (Promotional Night) Game

August 6, 2014

Technically the team that plays closest to the BRI headquarters is the Seattle Mariners. We’re happy to report that the giveaways and promotional nights of our “home team” are probably the zaniest in the major leagues.

Macklemore BobbleheadMacklemore Bobblehead Night

The first 30,000 fans at a June game were given a free bobblehead doll of Macklemore. He’s not a player, of course, he’s the rapper whose song “Thrift Shop” hit #1 and helped win him a Grammy for Best New Artist. And he’s a Seattle native.

Kitchen Caddy Night

The first 8,000 fans at a June game received a free kitchen caddy—that’s a bucket with a lid used to store compostable food scraps. (It’s got the Mariners logo on it, too.)

Mariners Beard HatBeard Hat Night

Last April, 20,000 Seattle Mariners fans got a free beard hat. What’s a beard hat? It’s a knit stocking cap that comes with a face mask attached. It makes whoever’s wearing it look like they’ve got a full, fake beard. In this case, a full, fake, bright yellow beard.

Stitch ‘n Pitch Night

For a night game in July, Mariners fans were encouraged to bring their knitting needles and work on their winter sweaters while they watched the game.

Seattle Mariner TraincarTrain Car Night

Since 2000, the Mariners have given away annually an old-fashioned metal toy train car at one game each year for hobbyist train enthusiasts. Each car honors a different player, and the 2014 car recognized star pitcher Felix Hernandez with the “Felix Hernandez King’s Court Train Car.”

Girls Night Out

This May event aimed to get more women out to the ballpark. The offer: one free alcoholic drink…and a free feather boa for all women in attendance.

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