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The World’s Most Boring Museums?

August 14, 2014

Sure, you could go to the Kids Hands-On Science Museum, or History of Fireworks and Free Cookies Museum…or you could hit one of these, which we’re sure are very, very fun and interesting.

Boring MuseumsThe British Lawnmower Museum (Merseyside, England)

Founded by a former race car driver whose family once sold lawnmower parts, the museum displays more than 200 lawnmowers, including ones souped up to race, 19th century lawnmowers, and a two-inch-tall working lawnmower.

The Musée du Papier Peint (Rixheim, France)

There are more than 1,000 examples on display, spanning the early 1800s to, for some reason 1983. Oh, you don’t speak French? The “Musée du Papier Peint” is the “Museum of Wallpaper.” Bonus: The museum also displays machines that have been used to make wallpaper.

The Dog Collar Museum (Leeds, England)

Leeds Castle is a pretty interesting place to visit, although inside its walls is the Dog Collar Museum. They’ve got more than 100 dog collars hanging from pegs.

Chez Galip Hair Museum (Avanos, Turkey)

Over the ages, women have used all kinds of clips, bands, and rings to style their hair or keep it in place. And you can see hundreds of them at this museum. (It’s not a hair museum; that would be weird.) Please note that the museum does accept donations…of hair clips.

Museum Cemento Rezola (San Sebastian, Spain)

Concrete is such a big part of modern, urban life, that it probably deserves a museum…but do we really need one? This place in Spain, founded by a Spanish cement company, is split into three areas: the history of cement, how cement is made, and how cement is used. The Museum is housed in a building made mostly out of glass. (Just kidding. It’s made of cement.)

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