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Fake-or-Fact Friday: Dogs Behaving Badly

September 19, 2014

FactOrFake-Logo-11Every Friday we give you three news stories and ask you to pick which two are true and which one we made up. Can you guess which ones are true and which one is the fake? (The answer is at the end of the post.)


Earlier this year, the owners of a three-year-old Great Dane rushed him to a Portland, Oregon, emergency animal clinic. The poor pup couldn’t stop throwing up, and a veterinarian first did an X-ray of the dog’s stomach. She then immediately took the dog into surgery, where it took two hours to remove the culprit of the dog’s gastrointestinal pain: He had eaten 43 and a half socks. The dog’s owners said that their dog liked to chew on socks, but this was the first time he had eaten one. (He made a full recovery.)


Earlier this year, Steven Tyler, frontman of the rock band Aerosmith, rushed his dog, a two-year-old Labdradoodle named Joe, to a Beverly Hills animal clinic. The poor pup couldn’t stop throwing up, so a veterinarian did an X-ray to determine the problem. The dog was rushed into surgery, where the culprit of the dog’s gastrointestinal discomfort was revealed: He’d eaten two of Tyler’s signature long, silk scarves that he wears and ties around microphone stands during performances. (The dog made a full recovery.)


Earlier this year, the owner of a four-year-old Samoyed rushed the dog to a Rotherham, England pet hospital. The poor pup wasn’t eating much, and throwing up what he had eaten. Vets first did an X-ray of the dog’s stomach, then took the dog into surgery. The reason for the dog’s gastrointestinal discomfort: He’d eaten three of his owner’s pairs of thong-style underwear. The surgery was a success and the dog was released from the hospital…and less than three hours later, ate another thong, requiring another trip to the vet, where vomiting was induced.

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