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The Weirdest Japanese Fast Food

September 16, 2014

The U.S. invented fast food, but Japan has taken things to another level—a very strange level.

French Fries and Chocolate Sauce in JapanYou probably remember from Pulp Fiction that in Europe, people prefer to dip their fries in mayonnaise, not ketchup. At Lotteria in Japan, patrons can order their fries with a chocolate dipping sauce. Even better, the chocolate is served in a tart shell, so you can eat it when all the chocolate is gone. That should go great with Lotteria’s Chocolate and Honey Mustard Grilled Chicken Burger. It’s a standard grilled chicken sandwich, except that it’s topped with, you know, chocolate sauce.

Togu Shinjo NuggetsOn the other side of the health spectrum from fried potatoes dipped in chocolate: tofu. The spongy meat substitute made from soybeans has long been a staple of Japanese cuisine. Now it’s on the menu at McDonald’s in Japan. Togu Shinjo nuggets are deep-fried tofu/vegetable/fish paste clusters. That’s right, they’re tofu McNuggets.

chicken computer keyboardsThe people of Japan love KFC so much that it’s a tradition to eat a bucket of fried chicken on Christmas there. We previously wrote about KFC’s “Chicken Corsage,” but they keep coming up with weird promotional items. Among them are a gold-plated chicken-bone necklace in—made with real chicken bones. They also offer fried chicken computer keyboards, mice, and thumb drives. Unfortunately, they only look like chicken (the keyboard’s keys all feature a different chicken cutlet)—they’re made from plastic.

Kuro Burger JapanBurger King Japan’s latest creation is the Kuro Burger. That literally translates to “black burger,” and it’s as accurate a description as possible. The bun is black, the slice of cheese is black, and the sandwich’s signature sauce is almost black, colored with squid ink.

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