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The 3 Weirdest, Most Inconsequential Conspiracy Theories Of All Time

October 16, 2014

You’ve got your moon landing hoaxers and JFK assassination theorists, but there are groups out there devoted to exposing the “truth” about anything. And we mean anything.

Nick Kroll ConspiracyNick Kroll

Kroll has been a working comedian and actor for a decade, starring on FXX’s comedy The League and his own sketch comedy show Kroll Show on Comedy Central. It’s rare that anybody would have two shows on TV at the same time, and some people think that Kroll’s rise to fame is the result of a conspiracy, not climbing the showbiz ladder. Here’s the theory: Kroll’s father is Jules B. Kroll, founder of influential bond, stock, and credit rating agencies. He has helped generate billions of dollars for others, and himself. Conspiracy theorists allege that Jules Kroll “bought” his son’s success. “Evidence”? Nick Kroll’s first big break was in Cavemen, the 2007 ABC sitcom based on the Geico insurance commercial characters, a show theorists believe was set up with the elder Kroll’s financial ties to AIG, corporate parent of Geico.

Lorde Laneway ConspiracyLorde

One of the biggest new pop stars of the past year was Lorde, a soulful, deep-voiced teenager from New Zealand who had a #1 hit with the song “Royals.” She seems so mature, sullen, and wise beyond her years that some people don’t believe she’s really 17. These “Lorde truthers” have even gone to the trouble of tracking down the singer’s birth certificate. It says Ella Yelich-O’Connor (her real name) was born in November 1996…but the hardcore theorists say it’s a fraud. They cite as proof she’s really much older is that she (probably jokingly) told a Vanity Fair reporter than she was 45, and told another interviewer that the 2000 movie The Virgin Suicides “really resonated with me as a teenager”…because she could have only seen that movie the year it came out, we suppose.

Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder ConspiracyESPN2 reporter Bomani Jones recently made a few YouTube videos proclaiming that music legend Stevie Wonder…isn’t really blind, bringing to light a conspiracy that lots of people apparently believe. There’s even a “Stevie Wonder truther blog” where believers cite evidence that Wonder has supposedly faked being blind for more than 50 years to add to his mystique.

  • Singer Boy George says Wonder once approached him at a party and pretended to strangle him. In recounting this to an interviewer, George said, “how could he know where I was if he’s completely blind?”
  • Stevie Wonder frequently attends NBA games, which truthers say a blind person couldn’t enjoy.
  • Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder performed together at the White House once, and McCartney knocks over a microphone stand, only to have the “blind” Wonder (sort of) catch it.

Judge for yourself?

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October 16, 2014 1:42 pm

I am Lorde ya ya ya!!

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