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3 of the World’s Most Spooktacular Bars

October 24, 2014

Are you looking for a ghoulish watering hole to spend Halloween?

GigerbarThe Giger Bars

These two Swiss lounges are based on the creepily cool artwork of H.R. Giger, best known as the guy who created the nasty creatures in the Alien films. The H.R. Giger Bar, located in Chur, debuted in 1992. A second one opened for business in Château St. Germain in 2003. Each bar includes furniture and decor with horrifying biomechanical features straight out of the artist’s paintings. There were two more (one in Japan and another in New York City) but they closed down for various reason. But fear not, stateside Giger fans. A hotel operator announced plans in 2014 to open an entire chain of Giger Bars across the U.S.


Dante's in PortlandThis Portland, Oregon, bar opened in 2000 and it’s still one of the most popular music venues in the city. Partially inspired by Dante’s Inferno, it contains tons of appropriately hellish décor, including a fire pit that was reportedly crafted out of an old Mongolian grill (in a former life, the bar was a Mongolian restaurant). Along with live music, Dante’s hosts a “Sinferno Cabaret” show on Sundays. Its sister bar, The Devil’s Point, can be found on the other side of town and features exotic dances, in addition to a regular karaoke event dubbed “Stripperoke.”

The Vampire Cafe

There are lots of taverns in Japan with crazy themes (“cat cafes” are most common) but this one, located in Tokyo, is devoted entirely to light-fearing immortal bloodsuckers. The walls and floors are all blood red, the dining area has more than a few black velvet curtains, and many of the French-inspired dishes on the menu are served in miniature coffins. Drinks come with plastic skulls and its signature cocktail is named for Dracula. The waiters and waitresses wear plastic fangs and an animatronic vampire pops out of a coffin to greet patrons as they enter. Fang-tastic!

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