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Two of the World’s Most Famous (Unhaunted) Pet Cemeteries

October 29, 2014

Stephen King made animal graveyards super freaky when he published Pet Semetary in 1983. Many of them are really quite pleasant, however, and you’re unlikely to come across any resurrected corpses while strolling past their tombstones.

Famous Pet CemeteriesLe Cimetière des Chiens

This cemetery in the northern suburbs of Paris has welcomed dozens of dearly deceased pets since 1899. Most are cats, although there have been plenty of dogs, as well as a few horses, some sheep, a couple of hens, and one monkey. Many of the cemetery’s tombstones are quite elaborate and feature stone depictions of the pets hanging out with their masters. Among its famous residents: Barry, a “trench dog” that served bravely in World War I and helped save the lives of more than 40 people. The cemetery is also the final resting place of the original Rin Tin Tin.

The Los Angeles Pet Memorial Park and Crematorium

Veterinarian Eugene C. Jones established it this cemetery in 1928. It’s currently the resting place of more than 40,000 animals, many of them once owned by celebrities, or whom were celebrities themselves. Steven Spielberg buried his Jack Russell terrier here. Pets once belonging to Humphrey Bogart, Eva Gabor, Bob Newhart and others can be found within its gates. Some are reportedly unwilling to “sit,” “lie down,” or “play dead, however. Kabar, Rudolph Valentino’s Great Dane, supposedly haunts the cemetery. He can sometimes reportedly be heard barking and painting among the graves. Some visitors claim they’ve even been licked by an invisible dog tongue, thought to be Kabar. Other famous animals at the cemetery include, Room 8, a precocious feline that inspired a children’s book. Topper, Hopalong Cassidy’s horse and one of the bulldogs from The Little Rascals are also buried at the cemetery.

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