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London’s “Haunted” Bus Stop

October 15, 2014

Hellraiser is haunting London's Bus StopsA strange series of events has really been freaking out commuters.

Hellraiser is a weird 1987 horror movie directed by Clive Barker, a master of the genre. In addition to spawning Pinhead, a scary villain with pins all over his head, it’s also launched a series of increasingly low-budgeted sequels. And for the past several years, someone (or something?) has been leaving videocassette copies of the movie at a bus stop on London’s Old Kent Road.

The first tape appeared sometime in 2011 and further copies have frequently appeared on top of the stop’s shelter ever since. After the original tape disappeared, it was replaced by a nearly identical one. For a brief time, there were two copies on top of the shelter. Since then, the tapes have come and gone while at least one more has appeared up at a totally different bus stop. In addition to leaving marks on the shelter’s roof, these plastic “hellraisers” have inspired tons of tweets and speculation.

Several Londoners have made jokes about the tapes being part of a sinister ritual to open a portal into the alternate dimension where Pinhead and his equally creepy colleagues all spend their free time when they’re not raising hell in this one. After being involved in a traffic accident near the stop, a bicyclist logged into his Twitter account to (hopefully jokingly) blame the crash on the “haunted” shelter. Back in July, an interloping VHS copy of Toy Story briefly popped up beside the Hellraiser tapes, but it disappeared shortly thereafter.

What do you know about the creepy tapes? Are you placing the creepy tapes at the bus stop? Let us know in the comments…if you are of this mortal plane, we mean.

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bob miller

Is there a movie theater near this bus stop, or was there one nearby in the past? Did this theater show Hellraiser when it first came out? If I’m not mistaken I once heard an urban myth that if you saw a copy of Hellraiser on top of a bus stop you were supposed to jump off the top of the bus onto the bus stop roof, Britain has buses with an open top?, and yell “The Box.” That’s all I know, I heard this like over 20 years ago.

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