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4 Special Thanksgiving TV Specials

November 25, 2014

Turkey Day has spawned plenty of Thanksgiving TV specials, but they’ve never received the kind of attention as those based on Christmas and Halloween.

Thanksgiving TV SpecialsGarfield’s Thanksgiving (1989)

With its Snoopy prepared feast of popcorn and jelly beans, 1973’s A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is probably the most famous animated Thanksgiving special of all time. It still airs on ABC annually, unlike this one starring another comic strip transplant. It follows the overweight cat as he grapples with a diet while his owner, Jon, tries and fails to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner. The special originally aired on CBS and had a spin-off book but it wasn’t popular enough to become an annual TV tradition. Perhaps viewers didn’t like “Thanksgiving Day,” a schmaltzy song that pops up in a scene towards the end. Watch it here, and learn the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

A very special episode of The Brady Bunch (1970)

In the second-season episode “The Un-Underground Movie,” Greg Brady directs a short movie about the pilgrims for a school project. He convinces his family, and Alice, to play all the roles. The production proves chaotic when everybody won’t stop bickering. In typical Brady fashion, they all learn a valuable lesson about teamwork by the end of the episode and learn the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

A very special episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1999)

The Scooby Gang celebrated Thanksgiving in “Pangs,” but not before Buffy grappled with a vengeful spirit accidentally unleashed by her friend Xander. The spirit, eager to avenge a centuries-old tragedy, turns into a bloodthirsty bear but it proves no match for Buffy. After the slayer defeats it, she and her colleagues all sit down for dinner and learn the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

A very special episode of Bob’s Burgers (2012)

The Belcher family agrees to an “indecent proposal” from their landlord, eccentric millionaire Mr. Fischoeder. Linda and the kids pose as Calvin’s family while he attempts to woo a former flame (Bob is stuck in the kitchen cooking Thanksgiving dinner). The episode includes a tune called “The Thanksgiving Song,” which was later covered by indie rock band The National.

We hope it taught you something about the true meaning of Thanksgiving.


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