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The Family That Gets Stuck Inside of Things Stays Together

November 14, 2014

Never follow a member of this family anywhere. You just might get stuck there.

  • Stuck in a Claw Crane GameA lot can happen in the time it takes to read a text message. When Diane O’Neill did just that at a Tennessee laundromat, her 18-month old grandson, Colin Lambert, climbed through the dispensing slot of a claw machine and into the machine itself, atop the pile of toys. Firefighters were called, and Colin was soon rescued…and he got to take home a single toy.
  • Colin reportedly “loves to climb and crawl into things,” according to his family. But what really runs in the O’Neill-Lambert family? Getting stuck inside of things. When Colin Lambert’s aunt was a teenager, she once somehow locked herself inside of a bathroom at a TCBY store. Police had to be called by store personnel to rescue her.
  • Amazingly, the story does not end there. Colin’s uncle, the brother of the woman who got stuck inside of a bathroom, once climbed underneath a picnic table at a park…and somehow got himself stuck. Firefighters were dispatched to free the man from his wooden prison.


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