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Weird November “Holidays” You Ought to Celebrate

November 3, 2014

November boasts Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, and, of course, Absurdity Day.


November Holidays: Happy Sandwich DayNov. 3: Sandwich Day, and Housewife’s Day

Today does double duty, so why not show you appreciate all the work of a stay-at-home mom you know, and make her a sandwich.

Nov. 8: Dunce Day

Have you ever seen (or been) a kid who gave too many wrong answers in class and was forced to wear a dunce cap out of shame? It comes from medieval Scottish scolar Duns Scotus, who believed that wearing conical hats increased intelligence. He died on this day in 1308, and this is his (and his namesake cap’s) holiday.

Nov. 13: National Indian Pudding Day

In advance of Thanksgiving, this day gives a nod to sweet desserts made by peoples native to North America. They generally were made from some combination of apples, cornmeal, and molasses.

Nov. 14: World Diabetes Day

Appropriately enough, the day after the day celebrating sweet, rich desserts is a day devoted to diabetes awareness.

Nov. 16: Have a Party With Your Bear Day

Don’t worry—this isn’t a day to go befriend grizzly bears or polar bears. Supporters use this day to throw parties for their favorite teddy bears (which is maybe scarier than trying to befriend a real bear).

Nov. 19: Have a Bad Day Day

Bad days are a part of life, and this holiday seeks to acknowledge them, which help us not take good days for granted. So go ahead and have a bad day today.

Nov. 20: Absurdity Day

This one doesn’t make any sense. Literally.

Nov. 27: Pins and Needles Day

Are people that anxious about Thanksgiving? Maybe, but the day is actually a commemoration of the opening of the Labor movement Broadway play Pins and Needles in 1937.

Nov. 28: Red Planet Day

The first major mission to Mars was the Mariner 4, which launched on November 28, 1964 and got within 6,100 miles of the Red Planet. On this day, take some time to appreciate the fourth rock from the sun.

Nov. 30: Stay at Home Because You Are Well Day

Creators of this holiday urge you to call in “well” to work and play hooky—why skip work when you’re too sick to enjoy skipping work?

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November 17, 2014 6:23 pm

In 2014 Nov 30 is a Sunday
Can we celebrate stay at home day on Fri Nov 28?

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