Strange and Interesting Facts: 3 Bizarre Coffee Blends

December 29, 2014

Do you take yours with cream, sugar, or monkey spit? Today’s Strange and Interesting Facts dives into three strange and bizarre coffee blends from around the world.

  • Strange and Interesting Facts: Bizarre Coffee BlendsIt’s coffee that does the complete opposite of what coffee is supposed to do! Counting Sheep Coffee makes coffee that promises to help you relax and go to sleep. Their product is not only decaffeinated, but blended with valerian root, a sedative herb used in natural sleep-aids.
  • A coffee roaster called Sweet Maria’s markets a coffee bean processed by the Brazilian jacu bird. And by processed, we mean that the bird, known for stealing coffee beans, eats the beans, and then, uh, passes them, whole. The beans are removed from the jacu dung, roasted, and brewed, which reportedly (we’re not trying this) removes the bitterness of coffee, without adding any of that terrible manure taste.
  • Another animal that just can’t help but help themselves to coffee beans is the Formosan Rock Monkey. They’re actually a devastating menace—unchecked, a horde will invade a plantation, suck on coffee cherries (from which the bean is obtained), and then spit them out. Some enterprising farmer discovered that monkeys sucking on coffee beans doesn’t actually ruin them, but does impart a flavor. Roasted and brewed beans once sucked on by Formosan Rock Monkeys taste like vanilla. (And they cost $54 a pound.)

That fun doesn’t end here. Check out more food and drink trivia.

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