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3 of the Craziest Weather-Cursed NFL Games of the Past Decade

December 2, 2014

While the Buffalo Bills recently had to play a home game in Detroit due to unprecedented snowfall, other teams have hit the field under even crazier conditions.

Cleveland Browns vs. Buffalo Bills
(Dec. 16th, 2007)

Weather-Cursed NFL GamesNearly a month later, these two teams faced off in blizzard-like conditions. They hit the field at FirstEnergy Stadium in Cleveland as it was getting battered by 40 mph winds. Visibility was limited, needless to say, which made passing pretty much impossible. The teams relied on their running games…not that this tactic was much better. Neither team could gain much traction on the icy field. The Browns, however, managed to score three times with a safety and two field goals. They went home the victors with an incredibly rare 8–0 win.

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Carolina Panthers
(Sept. 25th, 2011)

What began as a pretty nice autumn day turned ugly in the middle of this game. The sky grew dark, it started to rain, and in less than hour later, four inches of precipitation had fallen, turning the game into a slippery free-for-all. Conditions in the stands weren’t much better. “Waterfalls” of rainwater rolled down the stairs and onto the field, which quickly became a bog. Both teams had a difficult time scoring and Carolina squeaked by with a hard-earned 16–10 win.

Miami Dolphins vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
(Nov. 26th, 2007)

The good news: Both teams went into this game on a re-sodded field in Pittsburgh’s Heinz Field. The bad news, the sky didn’t care and it unleashed a torrential rainstorm on the stadium. The kickoff was delayed by lightning as conditions on the field grew worse with each passing minute. In a soggy battle that would later be dubbed “Monday Mud Night,” both sides tried and failed to make a touchdown. By the time it was all over, there weren’t many fans remaining in the stands. The Steelers ultimately won 3–0 in one of the lowest-scoring games in NFL history.

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Douglas Wentzel
Douglas Wentzel

How about the fog bowl? December 31, 1988 when the Philadelphia Eagles went Soldiers Field in a playoff game. ,The 2nd half when the fog rolled over soldiers fiekd. Visibility was maybe 15 yards. Chicago won 20-12. I think that game should be #1

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