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December 3, 2014

What wealthy people do with their money is up to them, but we can still gawk.

Prince William and the Duchess, Kate Middleton, are visiting the United States in December. While here, they thought they’d take in an NBA game, a security headache that required some pre-planning with the league. The royal couple has agreed to have themselves photographed at the game, so as to promote the league in Europe. In exchange, the NBA has agreed to donate $1 million to United for Wildlife, a conservation charity recently started by…Middleton. What game will they see? Initially accepting an offer to attend the Dec. 7 New York Knicks-Portland Trailblazers game, they’re opting instead to wait a night, head to Brooklyn, and see LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers take on the Nets.

BullWe’ve written before about how terminally ill Simpsons producer Sam Simon is using his fortune to fund animal rights charities and campaigns. He’s still giving away his millions, and this week he spent about $8,000 to save a bull from a slaughterhouse. Benjy is a bull tasked with impregnating cows on a ranch in western Ireland. Ben Benjy took no interest in the cows, but reportedly tried to mate with another male bull. Farm operators were all set to send Benjy to slaughter because he was by all accounts gay, and so couldn’t perform his job. Ireland’s Animal Rights Action Network heard about it and spread the news on social media. Simon stepped in and paid to have Benjy taken to an animal sanctuary in nearby England.

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