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Weird Rules in North Korean Basketball

December 30, 2014

Basketball is played…differently in North Korea.

  • North Korean Basketball RulesIn 2013, former NBA star and oddball Dennis Rodman visited North Korea at the behest of its leader, Kim Jong Un. The pair took in a game of basketball, which is extremely popular in North Korea. The game was very strange, however, and revealed to the rest of the world the North Korean basketball scoring system.
  • Everybody knows that slam dunks are awesome. In North Korea, they’re even more awesome, worth three points rather than two.
  • Distance shots—taken from past the arc around the basket—are still worth three points. However, if the shooter makes the goal without the ball touching the rim, a “swish” or “nothing but net,” the three-pointer becomes a four-pointer.
  • When Shaquille O’Neal played in the NBA, opposing teams developed a strategy called “hack-a-Shaq”: intentionally fouling O’Neal late in a close game so he’d have to take free throws, of which he had a less than 50 percent success rate. This would have been a bigger problem for O’Neal if he’d played in North Korea—points are deducted for missed free throws.
  • Talk about a buzzer-beating, come-from-behind victory: A successful shot taken from anywhere on the court during the final three seconds of a game is worth eight points.
  • Games can end in ties. The one Rodman saw ended with a score of 110 to 110.
  • It’s worth noting that Kim John Un’s father, previous North Korean leader, Kim Jong Il, was possibly the world’s greatest golfer. In 1994, the North Korean state-run media reported that he shot a round at 38 under par…including 11 holes-in-one. The brutal, isolationist dictator of a country reportedly dotted with prison camps and “reeducation facilities” had his feat verified by 17 witnesses, which also happened to be the first time he ever played golf.

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