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3 Weirdest “Elvis is Alive” Theories

January 7, 2015

Elvis Presley would have had a birthday this week, had he not died in 1977. Or did he?

Elvis is Not DeadThe Fraternity Boy Theory

In the 1970s, Presley supposedly got mixed up with a California crime syndicate called The Fraternity. After he lost $10 million to the organization in the bogus sales of real estate and private planes, Presley is said to have gone to the federal government for help, who was keen to dismantle The Fraternity. In exchange for helping bring them down, Presley was whisked into the Witness Protection Program. Two hours after Presley’s death was announced in 1977, a man named “John Burrows” boarded a plane for Buenos Aires, paying in cash. That man not only resembled Presley, but had the same name as an alias Presley often used to check into hotels.

The Bunker Theory

Michael Jackson married Elvis Presley’s daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, in 1994, but if this theory is to be believed, they’re even closer. Presley reportedly built a bunker underneath his Graceland estate, where he retreated after he faked his death in 1977 to escape the media and boost record sales. (His coffin was filled with wax body, and an air conditioning unit to cool it, so the story goes.) He lived down there, eating, watching TV, shooting TVs, and hanging out, like he did when he was alive, until 2009…when he was joined by another celebrity faking their death to escape the tabloid media and in need of a popularity boost: Michael Jackson.

The Extra Theory

A few years ago, a rumor spread online that Presley can be seen in the hit 1990 film Home Alone. During this scene in which Catherine O’Hara’s character tries to book a plane ticket, a non-speaking extra lurks behind her. A lot of people think that this is Elvis, because he sort of looks like Elvis, and has let his naturally dark blond hair take over for the black he had died it during his music career.

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Elvis had a twin brother could this so called goat be him.?


Cynthia, Elvis’ twin brother was born dead.

Charles Sapp
Charles Sapp

If you google jon burrows you can read facebook tweets between him and lots of other folks in lauding Anna westmirelad a gal who used to sing in his concerts and from the many tweets you can glean a story that seems utterly ridiculous but who knows the truth. If Hitler can escape from Germany by faking his death maybe Elvis with the conclusion of the government can too. When the government says you are dead your dead no matter what the truth is! If Elvis did go on the witness protection program and work for the DEA as this… Read more »

Erin M Dodd
Erin M Dodd

That’s not Elvis. I’ve seen that guy in other movies

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