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Fake-or-Fact Friday: Fabulous Freakouts Edition

January 2, 2015

Here are some stories of people getting very mad in public. Fortunately, only two of them are real. One of them we made up. Can you guess which one? The answer is at the end of the post.


In December, a Korean Air flight to Incheon, South Korea, at New York’s JFK airport was on the tarmac and ready to depart when a first-class passenger started screaming at a flight attendant. The passenger, an executive with the airline, demanded the flight attendant be removed from the flight, which required the plane to head back to the gate. This delayed the flight by over 20 minutes. What was the flight attendant’s gaffe? She served the executive her complimentary nuts in a bag, instead of on a plate.


A Harvard Business School professor ordered some food from a Chinese restaurant and bar in Brookline, Massachusetts. He paid and left…only to discover later that he was overcharged by $4. Did the professor return to the restaurant, explain the mistake, and get his four bucks back? No. He submitted a complaint on the restaurant’s website (breaking down all the charges), and the restaurant explained that its online prices hadn’t been altered to reflect a recent price hike. That’s when the professor threatened to report the restaurant to the authorities for what he said amounted to poor business practices and fraud.


A man went to a Seattle area Kohl’s department store on Black Friday at 5 a.m. to pick up a Christmas gift for his wife: a simple, 18K gold chain on sale for an advertised price $50. He had to wait in line to get into the store, and by the time he was allowed in after prior customers at 5:45, none of the gold chains were available. Staff were accommodating and offered to honor the $50 price on a 14K gold-plated chain…with a diamond pendant. The store charged $300 for that, but the man said no, walked out of the store, and brought police to arrested the store’s manager for “bait and switch.” Instead, the man was arrested for wasting the police’s time.


Want more things that sound true…but aren’t? Then check out Uncle John’s Fake Facts. (Really!)


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