5 New Weird Magazines

February 25, 2015

Think print media is dead? Well, an impressive 234 new magazines launched in 2014. Here are some the most notable (and weirdest) to hit newsstands in recent months.

Weird MagazinesMud & Obstacle

There’s a magazine out there for seemingly every past time (see above), and there are plenty of outdoors and motor sports magazine. This one caters to those who enjoy mud running, which is driving through muddy outdoor obstacle courses with all-terrain vehicles.

8 by 8

A high-end magazine heavy on art and graphic design…and dedicated solely to soccer.

Vapor Lives

“Vape” was the Oxford English Dictionary’s 2014 “Word of the Year.” It means to smoke an electronic cigarette (because the robotic smokes emit water vapor, not smoke). It’s obviously a pretty big cultural phenomenon because there’s now a magazine for the vaper, or vaping enthusiast.


King Arthur Flour has produced and sold baking products through its thick catalog for more than a century. Now the company is offering up more reading material with a magazine aimed at “foodies.”


It’s a culture, arts, and lifestyle magazine…unfortunately not a magazine for or about actual dinosaurs. But at least it has a clever name, defying the idea that magazines are going the way of, well, the dinosaur.

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February 27, 2015 6:38 am

sorry, did you even look at the magazine cover you put up? Mud and obstacle is about trail running…on foot. No jeeps.

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