8 Fun Facts About the NBA All-Star Game

February 5, 2015

Fun Facts About the NBA All-Star Game

Fun Facts About the NBA All-Star GameThe best of the West meets the best of the East next weekend. Here are some fun facts about the NBA All-Star game.

  • The youngest NBA all-star: 19-year-old starter Kobe Bryant in 1998.
  • The oldest NBA all-star: 41-year-old Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in 1989.
  • The player to appear on the most All-Star teams was Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, with 19. That’s every year of his career, except for one, in 1978.
  • The 1982-1983 Philadelphia 76ers went on to win an NBA championship, but by the All-Star Game they were already dominant. While they’re one of six instances of a team being represented by four players (out of a roster of 12) at the All-Star Game, it’s the only time that three out of the five starters came from the same team. They were Julius Erving, Moses Malone, and Maurice Cheeks.
  • The most attended NBA All-Star Game is also the most attended basketball game in history. Normally held in an arena, the 2010 contest was held at Cowboys Stadium outside of Dallas. Attendance: 108,713.
  • The game has been cancelled just once. In 1999, a lockout led to a shortened season that eliminated 32 games from the 82-game schedule, along with the all-star game.
  • All-time tally: The Eastern Conference has won 37 times, and the Western Conference has won 26 times.
  • As the All-Star Game is an exhibition game played for fun, the teams don’t play too much rough-and-tumble defense. Result: While most regular season games have scores in the 100-point range, the All-Star Game scores run a lot higher. The biggest one ever happened last year, in which the East beat the West 163 to 155, a total score of 318 points.

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