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Fighting Winter, Bathroom Reader-Style

February 20, 2015

If you can think of a better way to plow your walk, we’d like to hear it.

Loocy Toilet Snow PlowBethesda, Maryland, has been right in the middle of the onslaught on winter storms, blizzards, and “polar vortexes” that have buried the greater part of the Northeast under impenetrable mountains of snow. A downtown store called Union Hardware, however, remained open for business, because it sells the kinds of things people need during snowstorms to dig themselves and their property out from the snow—shovels, insulation, and windshield deicers, for example. They also, it would seem, sell toilets, if anyone should need one of those.

To advertise the fact that they’re open and willing, Union Hardware took some pieces of its stock and created Loocy. Pronounced “Lucy,” the “loo” does, in fact, mean a toilet. Loocy is a gas-powered sidewalk snow-plowing machine, or a plow-outfitted go-kart with a toilet for a seat. Every morning, an employee of Union Hardware has plowed the sidewalk in front of the store (as well as those in front of other stores on the block), riding along on Loocy. In addition to advertising and being neighborly, it also points out that Union is a hardware store staffed by knowledgeable people—the kind of people who can rig up a bunch of hardware to make a powered toilet plow.

It’s not a functional toilet, which is to say that it runs on a gas tank, not some kind of conversion engine that turns human waste into usable fuel, but it does have an onboard toilet-paper stand.

Bad news: Loocy isn’t for sale. Good news: You could probably build one yourself.

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