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The Thing$ We Do For Love

February 13, 2015

Some people display their affection with a greeting card or a box of chocolates but these folks went to some pretty insane lengths to show how much they adored their sweeties.

The Things We Do For LoveA Stroll Around Africa

Ewart Grogan, served as an English politician, was nearly convicted for murder, and managed to become both a successful businessman and a famed explorer. Grogan is also the first person in history to walk the entire length of the African continent. After getting booted out of two universities, he fell madly in love with a girl named Gertrude Watt. Her stepfather wasn’t keen on her marrying a college dropout and demanded that Grogan do something to prove his character. The two men agreed that walking around Africa would somehow be an appropriate way to demonstrate that he was a suitable suitor. He set out from Cape Town and finished his journey 2.5 years later in 1900. His adventures led to a book deal, membership in the Royal Geographic Society, a meeting with Queen Victoria…and Gertrude’s hand in marriage.

The Wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles

Adjusted for inflation, the 1981 nuptials of one of the 20th century’s most famous couples cost $110 million. So what did all of that buy Charles and Diana? An elaborate, “puff ball” wedding dress with a 25-foot train of ivory taffeta and antique lace for the bride and a lavish ceremony in London’s St. Paul’s Cathedral to go along with it. The reception featured 27 cakes. The five-foot tall “main cake” took 14 weeks to prepare, as did a duplicate that was prepared in case the first one had an unfortunate accident. But, like they say, money can’t buy you love—they divorced 14 years later.

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

It’s listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World but historians still bicker over whether or not this famous garden actually existed. According to legend, at least, Babylon’s Queen Amytis was feeling pretty homesick around 600 BC. She was forced to marry King Nebuchadnezzar II for political reasons and she completely hated his desert kingdom. She pinned instead for the lush, mountainous landscapes of her native Media. To help her feel more at home and win her heart, Nebuchadnezzar commissioned the construction of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Its gorgeous terraces were said to seemingly float on air and featured countless exotic plants.

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