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5 Weird KFC Items From Around the World

March 13, 2015

Stateside KFCs mostly serve down-home fare like fried chicken and coleslaw. Around the world, it’s a free-for-all.

  • KFC Crispy BurritoKFC New Zealand just introduced the Crispy Burrito—the crispy part comes from a deep-frying. Wouldn’t this just be a chimichanga? Yes, but this isn’t filled with traditional Tex-Mex burrito ingredients. It’s a tortilla filled with fried chicken strips, cheese, bacon, and barbecue sauce, wrapped up and deep-fried.
  • KFC Seattles Best Coffee Edible Coffee CupsKFC UK sells Seattle’s Best Coffee and serves them in the brand’s familiar red-and-white cups. Except that the cups are fully edible. The inside of the cup is white chocolate, and the outer part is made of “sugar paper,” and in between is a thin cookie layer. Further, the “Scoffee Cups” are infused with “mood-improving” scents, such as coconut cream, freshly cut grass, and wildflowers.
  • KFC Double Down SandwichA few years ago, American KFC’s introduced the Double Down—a “sandwich” in which the bread pieces were boneless fried chicken breasts holding in bacon, cheese, and sauce. Meant to be a temporary item, it was so popular that it was permanently added to the menu. They’re just as popular overseas, but other countries’ KFC franchises have used the Double Down as a jumping off point. Last fall, South Korean KFC stores began serving the Zinger Double Down King. Fried chicken breasts serve as a bun for a barbecue bacon cheeseburger.
  • KFC Thailand sells doughnuts. But these aren’t glazed chocolate doughnuts. This is the Shrimp Donut—a jumbo, breaded, deep-friend shrimp, formed into the shape of a doughnut (or onion ring).
  • KFC Double Down DogA KFC menu offering in the Philippines is the Double Down Dog. A boneless chicken patty is folded into the shape of a hot dog bun, upon which is placed a jumbo hot dog and cheese sauce.
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