7 Restaurants Who Serve Food Creatively

March 12, 2015

Inspired by the twitter feed @WeWantPlates, here are some real restaurants who serve food on really weird things instead of plates.

  • The Bazaar, a tapas restaurant in Los Angeles offers potato croquettes in a translucent, plastic sneaker.
  • Delux Burger Bar in Phoenix serves a barbecue platter of ribs, chicken, and corn on a cutting board. That’s a fairly standard presentation…except that it comes with an order of french fries served in a tiny shopping cart.
  • John Salt is a high-end restaurant in London that serves an appetizer brick. First the brick is covered in caramel brittle, and on top of that is a dollop of creamed chicken liver, chicken skin, pickled corn, berries, and onion puree. Patrons are invited to lick the brick clean.
  • If you order chips at Citron in Dublin, Ireland, you’ll get a piece of Astroturf with a miniature clothing line set up on it. On the grass sits a tiny laundry hamper full of dipping sauce, while the chips, cut into the shape of clothes, hang from the line.
  • It’s now closed, but the Tampa, Florida, burger place Dogwater Cafe served everything in dog dishes.
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