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Everyone’s a Critic

March 19, 2015

Art reviewers can definitely be snooty and cruel but these individuals recently took their critiques to a whole different level.

Banksy-The Girl with the Pearl EarringThe Girl With A Pierced Ear Drum

Banksy is one of the most beloved, and elusive, artists out there. Not everybody loves the mysterious street artist, though. In 2014, he painted a large parody of the iconic masterpiece The Girl With the Pearl Earring on a wall in his hometown of Bristol. In place of the earring? An annoyingly loud security alarm. Unfortunately, mere hours after the paint dried, vandals attacked the mural and covered it in black paint.

ISIS vs. Art

In February, the militant group released a video of its soldiers smashing priceless statues in northern Iraq’s Mosul Museum. Amr al-Azm, a Syrian anthropologist and historian, called the incident “a tragedy and catastrophic loss for Iraqi history and archaeology beyond comprehension.” An unidentified man in the video claimed that the statues were sacrilegious and were once worshipped by ancient people instead of God, thus the decision was made to destroy them.

The Stedelijk Peer

The Stedelijk Museum is one of the most unusual in the world. The Amsterdam institution is shaped like a gigantic bathtub, for one thing, and it houses some pretty weird modern art. This could be the reason why Dutch artist and ex-convict Van Koningsbruggen vowed via email in the 2012 to urinate all over two of its most expensive artworks: a statue by Dan Flavin and a painting by Marlene Dumas. The museum’s administration wasn’t amused by what Van Koningsbruggen later explained was “satire” and had him banned. They considered letting him back in 2015 but the artist told them that he would not only pee on the artwork but that he’d be bringing another convicted criminal along with him, too. This new plan earned him a lawsuit and an indefinite ban from the museum earlier this month.

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